Media Room Integrated into a Living Room

Working with the client, we agreed that floor-standing loudspeakers would be used for the front left and right to allow for good-quality music playback and to allow the speakers to be elegantly placed on either side of the large picture window. The centre channel was to be installed together with the receiver in a cabinet provided by the customer. As the walls are solid, surface-mounted surround speakers were chosen to minimize the need for extensive modifications.

Although we offered the option of an in-ceiling projection screen, the client decided to opt for a surface mount to save both mess and cost. Lighting control is via Mode E-DIN, which provides the relays to control the blinds. The projection system includes a Panamorph lens system as the client was particularly interested in getting the best out of media recorded in widescreen format.

A Control4 system provides integrated control of the whole system. It includes excellent features such as the lights dimming completely when the play button is pressed on any video source and raising slightly when paused to allow safe movement without the need for full illumination. Streaming music services are also available via the system, and control of music and the entire system can be achieved via the tactile remote control, mobile telephone, or tablet.

While the project was completed many years ago, a recent refreshment has ensured that the system operates as effectively as ever, to the delight of the property’s new owners.

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