Smart Home Lighting Design & Control Automation

Take charge of your home lighting with our advanced smart lighting control systems, allowing you to conveniently and remotely manage all the lights in your home from anywhere using a single interface.

Elevate your interiors with exceptional smart lighting automation

Lighting is more than just a feature in our homes; it’s a powerful tool that can transform our living spaces and improve your daily life. Our mission is to provide lighting experiences that not only highlight your home’s best features but also reflect our expertise and commitment to excellence. With cutting-edge technology, we can optimize your home’s lighting, positively impacting your well-being and helping you save on energy costs. With our extensive experience, we offer smart lighting design and control solutions with the latest technologies that seamlessly integrate with your interior design. Whether you need a comprehensive whole-house lighting system or a single-room design, our solutions cater to everyone, from harnessing natural light to reducing energy expenses.

Our Smart Lighting Solutions

 Lighting plays a crucial role in bringing out the soul of your interiors. It complements architecture, furniture, and decor. Designing the perfect lighting scheme is a vital decision that can truly transform your space. By carefully selecting the right light fittings, ensuring the light bulbs have the perfect colour tones, and setting up different lighting scenes for various activities, you can instantly redefine the atmosphere in your home.

The power of lighting to inspire and affect our emotions is something we truly believe in. With advanced lighting technologies, we can create just the right atmosphere. Thanks to smart home systems, it’s now easy to control various lighting scenes. We can preset different lighting modes tailored to various activities or moods. The perfect lighting is at your fingertips, whether it’s movie night, a romantic evening, or just time to relax.

 When it comes to interior design, lighting is key. Each space in our homes serves a different purpose, and designing the lighting to suit each area is crucial in reflecting the true essence of the room. Integration with smart home lighting systems allows you to control all the lighting options in your home from a single touch panel, including controls for entertainment, security, and more.

In today’s world, prioritizing energy efficiency is essential in our everyday lives at home and work. We must reduce our dependence on high energy consumption without compromising our quality of life. Smart lighting systems and LED lamp technology are designed to prioritize energy efficiency throughout our homes. By using digital dimmers, occupancy sensors, whole house control systems, and blind controls to maximize daylight usage and reduce solar gain, you can reliably save 15-20% on electrical bills for lighting.

Don’t overlook the importance of natural lighting in your home. Smart lighting control systems allow you to manage curtains, shades, and blinds using keypads and smart apps. Moreover, blinds and curtains are pivotal in reducing solar gain and UV damage to furniture and artwork while enhancing security. Sensors installed inside and outside your home monitor light levels and temperature, adjusting blinds or curtains to protect your home automatically when needed.

With innovative smart home solutions, you have the power to manage your living environment from anywhere remotely. Through connected lighting systems, you can easily check the status of your home lights, prevent energy wastage, and set up automated lighting scenes that simulate occupancy, all through a convenient smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch app.

Castle Sound&Vision Offer

At Castle Sound & Vision, we specialize in providing expert consultation and design services for residential lighting projects. Our comprehensive design documentation includes detailed floor plans, circuit and fitting schedules, and data sheets, ensuring that clients clearly understand the design and make the installation process seamless.

Discover the perfect lighting solution at Castle Sound & Vision. Benefit from our in-house lighting designers and smart lighting control system designers, installers, and programmers. Our seamless integration ensures that your lighting design and control system provides unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

At Castle Sound & Vision, we handle every aspect of your lighting installation, from design to seamless integration with your smart home control system. Our dedicated team works closely with other design professionals to guarantee a successful outcome. With in-house engineers overseeing the installation and commissioning process, we ensure all lighting scenes and functions are programmed to suit your requirements perfectly.

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Control4 Smart Lighting Automation

Unleash the power of smart lighting automation that is designed to adapt to your unique lifestyle and preferences, revolutionizing your space. Embrace the convenience of intuitive lighting systems that seamlessly fit into your daily routine. Embrace the energy efficiency and security that automated lighting solutions can provide, tailored to your needs.
Take charge of your environment, set the mood, create ambience, or highlight with hues effortlessly. With a simple touch of a button, a tap on a touchscreen, a command to your voice assistant, or a click of a remote, you can easily control and customize the lighting and color scenes throughout your home or office.

Smart Light switch

Easily set up various lighting scenes to instantly choose different ambient lighting for any room. Ready to watch TV? Just select the TV lighting scene for the best viewing experience. Moreover, experience the convenience of a smart home that automatically adjusts lighting based on your location, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

lighting design

 We value the input of our clients, architects, and interior designers in establishing the most suitable automated lighting design for your home. Whether it involves leveraging existing luminaires or developing tailored solutions, we are dedicated to achieving the desired aesthetic and performance, in collaboration with you.

Remote Access

Our advanced home lighting automation systems give you complete control over every light in your home. You can effortlessly turn off all lights or craft personalized atmospheric lighting using our touchscreen systems to complement your mood perfectly.  Your vision is our command – share it with us, and we’ll make it a reality.

Our Other Services

Design & Consultancy

We are proud of the exceptional quality, functionality and creativity we deliver in our smart home and home cinema installations.


We provide the most extensive service options to effectively tackle any issues with your system, both during and after installation.

Remedial Work

We provide wide range of services aimed at fixing, repairing, or improving your existing systems in your smart home. These services can also include improving functionality, or enhancing aesthetics.

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