Open Plan Layout Smart Home

Over a 15 year period, this is the third house build that we have worked on with this client. This one has a fabulous open plan layout and a tremendous amount of thought has been put into both the lighting control and the window treatments. It also includes security systems, heating control, multi room audio and video. Of particular note are the kitchen / dining loudspeakers which have been built into the walls and plastered over to create a seamless finish.

A modern open plan kitchen, with sleek lines and lighting to enhance the décor. In rooms like this, the lighting control system is essential to create the various ambient scenes the room demands, whether busy cooking, formal or casual dining, relaxing with music from the hidden loudspeakers at the end of a meal, or simply clearing away. The blinds also form an integral part of the lighting control and thermal management, allowing the blinds to close to minimize thermal gain when the sun hits the south-facing picture windows.

The hidden loudspeakers in the kitchen area can also be seamlessly linked to the loudspeakers in other rooms, particularly the downstairs entertainment area, making the space ideal for parties and formal entertaining.

These pictures show how great lighting design and a lighting control system can really change the mood of a room. The light switches also control the blinds which can also respond to temperature changes on sunny days to reduce solar gain.

Again these two pictures illustrate the impact of lighting control, allowing the mood of a room to be changed at the touch of a button.

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