Modern Design Smart Home

A new modern new build incorporating whole house lighting control and automated blinds, CCTV and alarm systems, remote gate and front door access, heating control, multi room audio, and a dedicated music room with a superb Linn hifi system all controlled Ipads or mobile phones. This is a beautiful house; the attention to detail that the clients applied to the level of finishes and functionality is exceptional.

The automated curtains and blinds are from Silent Gliss. It’s their top-of-the-range Smart control system. While a bit more expensive than a basic blind system, the motor control system allows the bottom of the individual blinds to be precisely aligned.

The hallway shows the built-in stair lights, together with the feature lights on the track on the ceiling, all seamlessly integrated into the control system. While the ceiling track is perfect from an esthetic viewpoint, it was only available as Casambi controlled (and requested late in the project) so had to be integrated into the main control system after the main wiring had been completed. The house uses a mix of DALI, Casambi, Trailing edge mains, dimming and relays for overall control.

Although music is available in many rooms through in-ceiling loudspeakers, in the main listening area, the client required a higher standard of sound, which is provided by the Excellent Linn 530 active loudspeakers. In addition to providing excellent sound, the choice of speaker fabrics allows them to be seamlessly integrated into the décor.

Although not visible, the heating system, gate entry, and front door locks are all fully integrated and can be controlled remotely. In terms of design, the bathroom radiators are dual fuel, operating off the main wet heating system during the winter and using only electric power in the summer. Wiring the supply back to the main system allows both the timing and the ambient temperature to be controlled and monitored, resulting in a much more efficient use of power.

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