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Selekt DSM: Edition Hub


Selekt DSM: Edition Hub

Edition Hub is a superior-quality enclosure, featuring an
all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation, and
elevated aesthetic appeal – with sleek sight lines, concealed joins and
understated luxury at the fore. Providing both requisite heat management and
high design appeal, the primary vent of Edition Hub is precision-cut into its
aluminium plate lid. The vent itself is evocative of a wave, with each aperture
cut at an angle, and only every second one machined all the way through. When
viewed from different angled, this wave motif morphs and ripples – with myriad
reflections projected from its various finished and surfaces. 
Edition Hub features a much-improved, eye-catching dial. It’s precision, turned-stainless-steel bearing ensures silky, tactile rotation when adjusting volume; and the photo-etched steel halo around its edge allows cool, sharp light to emanate from the one hundred individual LEDs beneath.

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