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DSP 7200.2


DSP 7200.2

Adopting the same cabinet design and technology as Meridian’s flagship DSP8000, is the DSP7200.2. Designed to be flexible in its application, the DSP7200.2 is suitable for use in a wide range of environments, from small to relatively large rooms (20-50m2). Utilising a custom midrange driver, along with a pair of eight-inch bass-drivers, the DSP7200.2 offers improved spatial resolution and pushes boundaries with the immense dynamics it produces. It’s incredibly inert cabinet is fabricated from pressure-laminated panels, each using three layers of birch plywood around an aluminium core with a thick resin inner coating. The DSP7200.2 packs even more of a punch than the DSP5200.2 – An impressive sense of scale, lifelike detail, and low frequency authority are all guaranteed thanks to Meridian’s expert engineering.

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