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DSP 5200.2


DSP 5200.2

Designed, engineered and built by hand in the UK at our factory in Cambridgeshire, the DSP5200.2 creates authentic, natural and lifelike sound. Meridian’s world-renowned DSP technology and on-board amplification replaces a traditional, lossy passive crossover. Crafted to fit small to medium sized rooms (20-30m2), the DSP5200.2 has a small footprint and modest height. Meridian’s proprietary Enhanced Bass Alignment technology (EBA) guarantees sound is time-aligned across the full frequency range, producing a coherence unattainable in a passive loudspeaker. The cabinet of the DSP5200.2 is formed from low resonance, multi-layer, birch plywood and is available in standard piano black or white finish and an array of custom paint finishes which, in combination with Meridian’s Design and Specification Service, means you can design your space in your style.

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