Loud Speakers




The SCM40 is part of a rare group of loudspeakers that use a dome midrange driver rather than the usual cone type driver. This setup however means excellent integration between the midrange driver and the similarly shaped tweeter keeping everything neatly together and revealing insights into recordings other speakers can only dream of. With this level of clarity however they will not suffer poor quality source or amplification kindly! The larger volume of SCM40 means an altogether deeper bass response from this sealed cabinet whilst retaining the snap of its smaller siblings. This speaker however will require the amplifier to step up to the mark as they are not the most efficient floor stander and will benefit from a more powerful design. The SCM40 exhibits an even load for amplifiers to drive albeit a larger higher quality amplifier is suggested of somewhere between 75 to 300 watts. The SCM40 in common with others in the range is designed for optimum performance without the grille but are supplied with perforated metal items in dark grey to offer driver protection if you wish to use them.

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