Loud Speakers




SCM11 benefits both acoustically and aesthetically from a curved sealed box cabinet construction. This cabinet is braced and laminated for high rigidity and damping and then clad in real cherry or black ash veneers in addition to the Satin Black/White options. Improved crossovers featuring metallised polypropylene capacitors, large air-cored inductors, and ceramic wire-round resistors offer superior power handling and clarity. Having no bass port helps keep the speakers tight and fast sounding and also with room placement where many models may “boom”. The SCM11 exhibits an even load for amplifiers to drive albeit a slightly larger amplifier is suggested of somewhere between 75 to 300 watts. The SCM11 in common with others in the range is designed for optimum performance without the grille but is supplied with full frontal perforated metal items in dark grey if you wish to use them.

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