Integrated Amplifiers/ Phono Preamplifiers/ Power Amplifiers/ Preamplifiers 

Integrated Amplifiers

The amplifier is the heart of your audio system and our premium collection of Integrated Amplifiers will get the best performance from your source and speakers. Our multi award winning selection boasts the latest innovations in audio technology combined with exceptional sound quality. A high quality amplifier will provide an efficient and seamless audio experience. Upgrade your audio system with our carefully curated selection and enjoy a rich, immersive sound experience like never before.

Phono Preamplifiers

Our collection of Phono Preamps is designed for vinyl enthusiasts who desire the most immersive sound experience. These preamps are designed to extract the fullest expression of your vinyl records, transforming every hidden groove into a vibrant tapestry of sound. As a crucial component of any vinyl playback system, the Phono Preamp is specifically designed to provide precise equalisation and amplification of the signal, delivering the authentic, warm sound vinyl is known for.

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are an essential component of a higher end hi-fi system. They are responsible for amplifying the variable signal from the preamp and providing enough power to drive your speakers; they magnify the power to drive your speakers, bringing your music to life. Whether you prefer the efficiency and reliability of solid-state amplifiers, the warm and natural sound of tube amplifiers, or the best of both worlds with hybrid amplifiers, matching them with the right speakers to achieve the ultimate sound quality is essential. Regardless of what power amplifier type you choose, it is vital that you take our expert advice to pair it with speakers that can handle the increased power output. This not only ensures the best possible sound quality but also safeguards your speakers, giving you the confidence that your  music system is optimized for peak performance.


With its precision and attention to detail, a preamplifier performs delicate adjustments to volume and switches inputs. It is essential in any high-fidelity sound system, providing the foundation for clear, detailed, and accurate sound. By enhancing the signals from various audio sources and allowing users to customize their sound preferences, a preamplifier empowers users to immerse themselves fully in the audio experience. Its versatility and reliability make it an invaluable asset to any audio enthusiast, inspiring the pursuit of excellence in sound quality.

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