The Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge is Now Available for Order
Ng5 rega cartidge


The Nd5 moving magnet cartridge, a product of over a decade of development, stands out with its unique design. It is the first in the world to feature an ultra-high powered Neodymium magnet in each model, a patent-pending innovation. This unique design, coupled with a precision 'perfect elliptical nude diamond' stylus on an aluminium cantilever, ensures exceptional tracking accuracy and maximum detail extraction from the vinyl surface.

The Nd5 cartridge is meticulously hand-crafted for perfect symmetry and a superior soundstage. It features miniaturized parallel coils for significantly improved high-frequency response and comes in 100% recyclable packaging, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Nd5 moving magnet cartridge utilizes Neodymium N55 magnet technology, which delivers more power than the standard bar magnet design.

The complete assembly is housed in a lightweight, highly rigid, glass-filled PPS body inspired by the successful MC range.

The Nd5 aluminium cantilever has a perfect elliptical nude diamond stylus, providing exceptional tracking accuracy and greater detail from the vinyl surface.

Rega’s unique pivot pad design improves cartridge performance by eliminating the mechanical joint between the stylus housing and the main body, enhancing tracking ability and stability. If your Rega cartridge is damaged or worn, you can return it to your dealer for a rebuild with new components at a reduced price in exchange for the old cartridge.

The Nd5 cartridge is now available as a factory-fitted option on the Planar 3 and Planar 6 turntable models. It’s designed specifically for these turntables and is offered at a discounted rate when purchased with them.

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