New Rega Nd3 Moving Magnet Cartridge Announced
Rega Nd3 Moving Magnet Cartridge


The all new Rega Nd3 moving magnet cartridge was developed over 10 years and promises to deliver next level performance from moving magnet technology.

The world of audio technology is excited as the all-new Nd3 moving magnet cartridge steps into the spotlight, ready to redefine performance and innovation standards. The Nd range is a world first to use ultra-high powered Neodymium magnets which allow us to create this totally unique design.

With its innovative design and state-of-the-art features, the Nd3 is poised to set a new benchmark in audio equipment.

One of the most remarkable features of the Nd3 is its use of ultra-high powered Neodymium magnets, a groundbreaking advancement. This pioneering technology, currently patent pending, unlocks a realm of possibilities and empowers the Nd3 to achieve a previously unimaginable performance.

The Nd range represents a bold step forward in moving magnet technology. The Nd3’s unique design and advanced engineering make it an exceptional addition to any audio setup. With its superior performance, innovative design, and groundbreaking technology, the Nd3 is ready to make a lasting impression on the world of audio equipment.


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